Kai Iida is a freelance photographer based in Kitakyushu, Japan.
Graduated from the Department of Photography at Osaka University of Arts, worked in advertising photography in Tokyo, and moved to Kitakyushu in 2007. He mainly documents the industrial landscape of the area and its surrounding environment.
The industrial buildings are extremely rational and intricately shaped, and their functional and rigorous pursuit of their purpose is even timelessly beautiful.
Wakamatsu, which flourished as a coal shipping port, led to the establishment of the government-run Yawata Steel Works, and the city has long flourished as one of Japan's four major industrial centers, leading the country's modernization and rapid economic growth.
Later, pollution problems led to the development of technologies to reduce environmental impact and a focus on renewable energy, and as a result, this city is now a mix of old-fashioned, stately buildings, f wind and biomass power plants, and recycling plants.
Award :
Esquire Japan Digital Photo Award / Category prize
APA Award / Supporting Company prize
Japan Graphic Exhibition / Kodak prize
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